7 Last-Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam – Go, Ace It!

7 Last-Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam – Go, Ace It!

The JEE Main Session 2 Exams are right around the corner, and tension is rising among students. Are you prepared for the challenges of the national-level exam?

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced that the exams will be conducted on April 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. It is a crucial exam for all of you who are willing to pursue a career in science. So, with only 4 days left in the exam, now is the time to gear up for the final phase of preparation. Scouring the internet for last-minute revision tips? – You are at the right place!

Expert JEE faculty from Narayana Coaching Center brings you seven last-minute tips. But before that, let’s take a look at the category-wise weightage of marks in the JEE Main Session 2 Exams.

Topic and Chapter-Wise Weightage for JEE Main Exam:

You probably know this by now after months of rigorous grind and solving hundreds of question papers. But here is a quick recap of the topic and chapter-wise weightages for the JEE Main Exam to intensify your last-minute preparations. The topics are arranged in descending order of questions.


  Chapters Number of questions Marks
1 Modern Physics 5 20
2 Electrostatics 3 12
3 Optics 3 12
4 Current Electricity 3 12
5 Heat and Thermodynamics 3 12
6 Magnetics 2 8
7 Kinematics 1 4
8 Simple Harmonic Motion 1 4
9 Work, Energy and Power 1 4
10 Gravitation 1 4
11 Solids and Fluids 1 4
12 Laws of Motion 1 4
13 Rotation 1 4
14 Centre of Mass, Momentum, and Impulse 1 4
15 Waves 1 4
16 EMI – AC 1 4
17 Unit, Dimension and Vector 1 4


  Chapters Number of questions Marks
1 Periodic Table and Representative Elements 3 12
2 Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry 3 12
3 Solid State and Surface Chemistry 2 8
4 Ionic and Chemical Equilibrium 2 8
5 Thermodynamics and Gaseous state 2 8
6 Chemical Bonding 2 8
7 Nuclear Chemistry and Environment 2 8
8 Atomic Structure 2 8
9 Alkyl Halides 1 4
10 Aromatic Compounds 1 4
11 Stereochemistry 1 4
12 Carboxylic Acid and Their Derivatives 1 4
13 Redox Reaction 1 4
14 Electrochemistry 1 4
15 Hydrocarbon 1 4
16 General Organic Chemistry 1 4
17 Chemical Kinetics 1 4
18 Mole Concept 1 4
19 Solution and Colligative Properties 1 4
20 Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers 1 4


  Chapters Number of questions Marks
1 Coordinate Geometry 5 20
2 Integral Calculus 3 12
3 Limits, Continuity and Differentiability 3 12
4 3D Geometry 2 8
5 Vector Algebra 2 8
6 Statistics and Probability 2 8
7 Matrices and Determinants 2 8
8 Complex Number and Quadratic Equations 2 8
9 Differential Equation 1 4
10 Statics and Dynamics 1 4
11 Differential Calculus 1 4
12 Sets, Function and Relation 1 4
13 Sequences and Series 1 4
14 Binomial Theorem and Its Application 1 4
15 Permutation and Combinations 1 4
16 Mathematical Reasoning 1 4

Now, here you go…

7 Last-Minute Tips to Help You Ace Your Exams:

The final lap is the most vital round of preparation. Leave no stone unturned in your JEE Main preparations with this comprehensive last-minute guide:

1.Practise at least one mock test every day: Let’s start with the basics! Solve at least one mock test paper to test your ability and knowledge. The more, the merrier! It will also help you familiarise yourself with the test pattern, nature of questions, difficulty levels, etc.

2.Focus on accuracy: Why are you solving mock test papers? The answer is more complex than you think. It is not only to test your aptitude but also your accuracy. Hence, the goal is to increase your precision while strengthening the concepts and just completing the papers.

3. Do a self-analysis: Once the test is over, check the answers and do an in-depth self-analysis. It will reveal your strengths and weaknesses. You will also understand which sections or chapters need extra attention.

4. Clear your doubts immediately: If you doubt any concept, question, or answer, clear it immediately. Do not procrastinate, as you may forget it later.

5. Time yourself: While giving the mock tests, time yourself. It will increase the chances of completing the paper within the allotted time on D-day. Time management is imperative during exams. Start the paper with the area in which you are most comfortable. Prioritising the section will help you attempt most of the questions and increase your chances of scoring more marks.

6.Do not start any new topics: If you have not studied a topic, do not try to study it during the last few days. There must be a reason for you to exclude it in the first place. Starting new topics just before the exam is stressful and confusing.

7.Revise important formulae and reactions every day: Although you have to use the formulae and reactions while solving test papers, remember to revise them every day. Pay close attention to the minute details.

8.Revise the study notes: Solving papers is not enough. You must be in touch with the concepts daily. Go through your study notes thoroughly to cover all the topics and chapters. You can also do it after solving the mock test. This way, you can clarify your mistakes.

Some general tips to help you during JEE Main exam preparation:

There are two parts to preparing for an exam: one where you study hard and be thorough with the course curriculum. Another aspect is not as technical. Nevertheless, it is equally important. Besides revision tips, here are six practises that will help you focus better and pass the exams with flying colours.

1. Increase your concentration: Before the actual exam, you will need lots of patience and concentration. Try meditating or specific exercises to increase your concentration.

2. Avoid discussing preparations: It is best to avoid discussing preparations with other aspirants or previous candidates. Everyone tends to have their suggestions, and as you know, too many cooks spoil the broth. You may also feel your preparation is inadequate.

3. Ditch self-doubt: Exams such as JEE Main can bring up insecurities and self-doubt. Do not entertain these negative thoughts; they can hamper your performance. Remember, you have done your part to the best of your abilities.

4. Rest adequately: Rest is important before an exam to rejuvenate the body and mind. Ensure that you’re getting sufficient sleep.

5. Maintain a healthy diet: Do not ignore your diet amidst JEE Main exam preparations. Eat balanced and nutritious meals that will give you strength. Avoid eating oily and junk food that can make you sick.

6. Prepare early for the exam day: Ensure you have all the essential documents, such as hall tickets, admit cards, and ID proofs, ready at least one or two days before the exam to avoid the last-minute hassle. Carry adequate stationery items with you to the exam hall.

Wrapping Up:

As the exams knock on the door, it is time to give your best, revise your lessons thoroughly, and most importantly, follow a strategy. However, here is one final tip:

JEE Main exams are a mix of preparation and mind games. Poor exam temperament can hamper a student’s performance, even if they have more rigorous preparation than those with mediocre ones. Therefore, perseverance, confidence, and the right guidance are keys to cracking the JEE Main exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on JEE Main Preparation:

Q. Which are the most important chapters in the JEE Main Session 2 Exam?

Ans: Here is a list of a few important section-wise chapters for JEE Main Exams:


1. Statistics and probability
2. Trigonometry
3. Mathematical reasoning
4. 3D geometry
5. Integral calculus


1. Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
2. Properties of solids and liquids
3. Rotational motion
4. Experimental skills
5. Work, energy and power


1. Atomic structure
2. Chemical thermodynamics
3. S-block elements
4. Co-ordination compounds
5. Purification and characterisation of organic compounds

Q. How do I remember everything I have studied for the JEE Main Exams over the months?

Ans: Follow these three tips to remember everything you have studied:

1. Write and practice
2. Solve test papers
3. Revise important topics and formulae every day

Bear this in mind—you are actually not forgetting anything. It is just that you are anxious. Keep calm and continue with your focused revision.

Q. How should I spend the last day before the JEE Mains Exam?

Ans: Try to be as relaxed as possible and not venture into new topics or difficult questions. Rather, go through previously solved papers, study notes and formulas. You can solve a mock test or two. Make sure to get adequate rest and mentally prepare yourself for D-day.

7 Last-Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam – Go, Ace It!

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