Essay on Summer Vacation for Kids

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and you must already be planning all the things you are going to do in this most cheerful time of the year. You may be waiting to meet your favourite cousins and play with them all day, or your parents might be planning a vacation to a place you love. Either way, you would have planned by now how you are going to enjoy your summer vacation.  

Some of you might be looking forward to doing all the interesting projects and activities you have been asked to do as part of your holiday homework.

Holiday homework, when done with the right spirit, can actually be quite fun, and you can learn a lot while doing it. Summer vacation essay in English is usually a common topic that students get to write as a part of their holiday homework. You can either look at this and sigh, or you can try to understand that this is the chance to convey all your feelings and record all your experiences in an interesting and engaging way for all your classmates to read out. A summer vacation essay can include all the new experiences that you had while visiting places or learning a new skill.

In this blog, we will help you get an idea of what to write in your essay on summer vacation.

Essay on Summer Vacation (400 words):

          My Summer Vacation Essay


I had been waiting for this summer vacation for a very long time. For me, it is the best time of the year, and I plan things months before it starts. Just as the vacation started, we went to our grandparents’ house. My cousins also joined us in a few days. My days would start with the delicious breakfast that my grandmother would make; she is the best cook. Then, I would go out with my grandfather to the fields. From him, I got to learn new things about managing a farm. He took me through the entire process of growing corn. He would teach me very enthusiastically about steps like manuring, watering, and harvesting. I also enjoyed learning from him. Then I would go out with my cousins and friends to play cricket. We liked imitating the bowling action of all the bowlers; it was so much fun. Throughout the afternoon, I would watch my favourite cartoons. And at night, all my cousins would sit together and tell each other scary stories. My stories were usually much scarier than theirs. It was all going so well. I was having the best time, but we had to come back as my mother had some important work to do. Because we came home early, all my plans were cut short. I couldn’t attend a fair that was being organised there and also missed learning to drive a tractor from my grandfather. He wasn’t going to let me drive it alone, but still, I thought it would have been interesting if I learned. To make up for it, I asked my mother to make one of my favourite dishes every week. Then, something really wonderful happened. My father arranged for me to go to a summer camp. It was a day camp, and I used to go there every day for 3 hours. They organised so many different and interesting activities, such as breaking and remaking some small machines, making baking soda volcanoes, and doing pottery. I even learned how to make bread myself. Everything there was so much fun, and the instructors were very friendly. They also taught us how to paint and do art and craft. It looked difficult at first, but I eventually got a hold of it. I even made a painting of my grandfather standing on his farm. Finally, after 3 weeks, it ended, and with it, one of the best summer vacations that I had. And then it was time to finish my holiday homework.

How to write a Summer Vacation Essay? 

  • Make sure to remember small details about your holiday and include them in your summer vacation paragraph.
  • Do not just write about the things you liked and enjoyed; you need to express clearly what you felt while you were doing them.
  • Also include the things that you did not like and wished would have happened differently.
  • Talk about your feelings about summer vacations, such as how excited you are about them or how you make plans.
  • Mention how your vacation schedule is different than the regular days throughout the year.
  • You can also write about new things that you have learned and how you plan to include them in your daily schedule.

When you follow these pointers, your summer holiday essay will be completely different from others. It would be very personal to you, and you would enjoy writing it. When you read it after a long time, it will make you remember all the good times you had.

We hope this was helpful and you will end up writing the most interesting essay.

We at The Narayana Group of Schools wish you the best summer vacation and hope you get to do all the things you have planned.

Essay on Summer Vacation for Kids

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