How to Choose the Right Primary School?

How to Choose the Right Primary School?

In the previous blog, we talked about the importance of choosing the right pre-primary school; in this one, we will address the next and very important stage of students’ lives, i.e., primary education. We will focus on how to choose the right primary school for your children. As per the World Bank data, 26% of the Indian population is below the age of 14. That is why it is essential that we prioritise primary education and identify how schools can contribute most to the overall development of children and help them become ideal citizens of the country. Primary education builds on the foundation laid during the pre-primary stage and teaches many new things for the first time.

These include social skills such as communication, cooperation, and sharing; behavioral skills such as patience, concentration, and following instructions; and emotional skills such as empathy, gratitude, and self-confidence, among others. It is important that the schools employ professionals who understand this and also have the skill set to help students through this learning phase.

What are the characteristics of a good primary school

Creative Teaching Methods:

For your kids to learn the skills listed above, teachers should use imaginative games, interesting activities, thought-provoking books, and creative teaching methods. You do not want your child’s skill development to be limited because of a non-creative teaching environment. They should be able to broaden their horizons with the type of primary education they receive. That is why you should make sure to choose a school that strives to make learning both educational and fun.

Balanced Curriculum:

The right school for your child at this stage would be the one that carefully balances academics and extra-curricular activities, both of which are essential for your child’s overall development. In the later part of this stage, your child will start developing an interest in a specific field. Make sure they get every opportunity to explore their potential in a wide range of academic and non-academic domains.


Right now, your children are impressionable; the experiences they have at this stage will shape their behavior. They will meet and interact with many new students. It is important to choose a school that emphasizes discipline and considers it an essential part of a child’s education.
You can talk to other parents to find out if they have noticed any behavioral changes in their children when they joined a school and what the school’s approach is towards incidents like bullying.

Individual Attention:

We know that not every child grasps concepts in one sitting; they may take multiple rounds of instruction to grasp a concept that others do in one or two attempts The best primary school in this situation would be the one where there is an emphasis on each kid. You can talk to the teachers and go through the school’s website to learn about the teaching methods in the school.

Future-Ready Classrooms:

Smart infrastructure is not the need of the future; it is the necessity of the present. Make sure that the school your child attends uses technology effectively. The right primary school will utilize technology where it is needed to facilitate their learning and make them technologically literate.
That is why we have smart e-Champ infra at Narayana Schools all across India, which includes well-furnished e-labs, technical equipment, interactive video conference sessions for extempore building, and e-learning modules for interactive demonstrations.


While factors such as infrastructure and trained faculty are common for every stage of education, the ones mentioned in this write-up are more important for primary education. Although proximity to home maybe an important factor for you, but you should still consider the quality of school first over any other thing while selecting the right primary school for your child.
We hope this has given you more information on the matter. In subsequent articles, we will carry on with this series and emphasize how crucial it is to choose the right high school for your children.

How to Choose the Right Primary School?

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  2. Along with creative teaching methods and smart classroom, I think kids should be exposed to lot of physical activity and games to groom their mental and physical health . So please try to improve the sport related activities along with regular curriculum and encourage them to participate in versatile games.

  3. It will help to concentrate on good things it will make children feel lot of energized to play & study

  4. Excellent article
    these are several important factors that parents should consider when choosing a primary school for their child, such as the location, infrastructure, teaching staff, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and school culture.

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