What is the Best Last-Month Revision Strategy for JEE Advanced 2023?


JEE Mains session 2 results are out, and after moments of cheer and joy, it is time to grind again, and this time for the end game! i.e., JEE Advanced.

The JEE Advanced 2023 date is June 4, which leaves us with only a month. Since there is no time to waste, we should come straight to the point.

What is the ideal last-month revision strategy for JEE Advanced 2023?

Continue reading this blog, and we will explain in simple points how you can strengthen your JEE Advanced preparation in the last month with a structured and systemic approach.

There is a significant difference between the pattern of JEE Main and Advanced. Hence, the preparation strategies for both need to be different accordingly. NCERT books are still important, but it is time for you to pick up some advance preparation books. Here is a subject-wise book list suitable for your JEE Advanced 2023 preparation:

H.C.Verma Concepts of Physics Vol I and II
Halliday , Resnick & Walker Fundamentals of physics
I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics
Arihant Publications Objective Questions on Physics by D.C Pandey
S.S. Krotov Problems in Physics
R.D Sharma Maths XI & XII
R.D Sharma Objective Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced
S.L. Loney Trigonometry & Geometry : Plane Trigonometry
S.L. Loney CO-ordinate Geometry: Plane Co-ordinate Geometry
D.R. S.K. Goyal Algebra
Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications) Play with Graphs
Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications) Integral Calculus
Tata-Mcgraw -Hill Publication Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE
O.P. Tandon Organic Chemistry
Morrison and Boyd Organic Chemistry
O.P. Tandon Physical Chemistry
J.D. Lee Inorganic Chemistry
R.C. Mukherjee Numerical Chemistry

Analyse your preparation till now:


The first step to an effective last-month revision strategy for JEE Advanced 2023 is to fairly evaluate the level of your preparation till now. Identify your areas of strengths, areas that need improvement, and concepts you have not started yet. Create a schedule that allows you to practice and improve your weaker concepts while also regularly reviewing your stronger concepts.

Narayana’s 360-degree educational app, nLearn, is a great tool to evaluate your preparation. It provides you with a bank of thousands of questions for practise and you get advanced reports for your tests, including an analysis of your strong and weak areas. Additionally, you can choose the topic for your question paper, which is a great way to evaluate how well you prepared.

Focus on the chapters with more weightage:

Although all chapters are important, for the last month, you must make sure that there are no knowledge gaps for the topics that have more weightage. This way, all your major topics will be covered, and you will be sure to attempt the most number of questions in the exam.

Do not start anything new:

Till now, it is possible that you would have covered all the syllabus; however, if you have missed some concepts, then it is very important to understand that for the last month, your JEE Advanced 2023 revision strategy should be to first solidify what you already know. Revise and strengthen the parts of the syllabus that you have covered so far. Following this strategy will make sure that your preparation for the concepts you understand is thorough, and you’ll be able to attempt questions from them accurately.

Solve JEE Advanced previous year’s question paper:

For the last one-month preparation strategy for JEE Advanced 2023, a thorough revision must be undertaken by every IIT JEE aspirant. One of the best ways to do that is by solving previous-years’ question papers. It will help you recognise and improve your weak areas in all subjects. It will also give you a fair idea of the level of questions that usually get asked in the exam.

Solve JEE Advanced Mock tests:

Solving IIT JEE Mock tests is one of the best way to evaluate your preparation level. For the last month, you should solve an ample number of JEE Advanced Mock tests. It will help you get an idea of how to solve a real exam and make you familiar with the pattern and weightage. IIT Mock tests are a great way to improve your time management; you get an idea of how to vary the time you spend on easy and difficult questions and accurately complete the whole exam within the time limit.

Practise subjective questions:

When you solve subjective questions, you realise how well you are able to apply concepts you have studied to the question. Solving more and more subjective questions will strengthen your understanding and application of the concepts. It is this form of questioning that evaluates the students’ capabilities practically; hence, if a candidate does well with the subjective questions, he/she will do well in the JEE Advanced exam.

Avoid overwhelming yourself:

While you are preparing for this extremely important exam and following a tight study schedule, do remember to take breaks in between. It is important that you do not overwhelm yourself. Meditate and do yoga to improve your concentration and get enough sleep to avoid fatigue. Avoid any distractions that can affect your schedule and hinder your progress. An informed but well-rested mind is your biggest ally in any exam.


The final month before exams can be a stressful time, but with the revision strategy for JEE Advanced 2023, you can be sure to achieve your IIT dream. Creating a revision schedule, prioritising your weaker areas, practising past papers, and creating summary notes are all effective ways to maximise your revision efforts. Remember to take breaks and look after your physical and mental health during this period, as this will help you stay focused and productive. With these tips in mind, you can approach your exams with a sense of calm and confidence, knowing that you have done everything you can to succeed.
We at Narayana Educational Institutions are sure that you will end up performing at your best and will exceed everyone’s expectations! With this, we hope we were able to answer your questions and wish you the very best of luck!

What is the Best Last-Month Revision Strategy for JEE Advanced 2023?

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